6111 Global Hunter Facemask 50

obal Hunter – a super lightweight outfit for active and serious hunters

The world is getting smaller, as the saying goes, and for those who enjoy the world in all its wonder, Global Hunter is the ultimate all-purpose outfit. The outfit is designed to suit by far the most conditions. With a detachable Deer-Tex® Membrane with a five-year warranty and a combination of two different fabrics to balance stability and breathability, Global Hunter is the ideal outfit for stalking, flush hunting and bird shooting. The GH-Innovation camouflage provides the unique depth and contrast needed to challenge the monochrome vision of wild animals. The outfit consists of a jacket and trousers, and with a Global Hunter facemask you can lie down, close your eyes, and become one with it all.

  • Holes at mouth part for easy breathing
  • Adjustable at back w. strings

Colour - Innovation GH 50 Camouflaghe

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Category: Camo Facemask

Type: Hats and Facemasks

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